Support Group

Beginning in January we will be starting a support group for those who want to do the KETO diet. Often our success or failure on a diet plan is connected to the degree of accountability and support we have. We desire to provide as much or as little support as you need to do the Keto diet successfully.

When starting a new habit or process it is very helpful to start properly to prevent discouragement due to misunderstanding or misapplication. With this in mind, we will be hosting a couple of information sessions on November 6th and December 4th at 6:30pm to allow people time to get information and ask questions. The holidays are really a hard time to start a diet due to the traditional meals we enjoy. However, it is a good time to start looking ahead and preparing.

One of the challenges when starting the KETO diet is that most of the food and supplies you have in your pantry are the exact opposite of what you will be eating on the KETO diet. Also, family members may or may not join you, so there needs to be some upfront planning to reduce the impact this change will likely have on meal planning. There are also staples that will make it easier to prepare meals. It is helpful to have time to gather some of them, because many of them are not readily available at the grocery store. None of them are difficult to find but Fareway or local small-town grocery stores may or may not have them in stock. Although, they are becoming more available. As an example, one staple for many recipes is almond or coconut flour. It is easy to find in Cedar Rapids but if you don’t have it on hand it may require a trip in to get it. Many items online are less expensive but often we don’t want to wait for items to ship.

The intent of these first couple of meetings is to give you information and time to start planning and gathering your ingredients. In reality, it is not that difficult. Measuring and monitoring every little thing you eat like in a calorie restricting diet is not “required”. The plan is pretty simple, if you get started correctly, and is very forgiving even if you don’t. There will be an upfront learning curve but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. Just a little bit of information could make the difference in successful or unsuccessful results.

We hope to see you at one or both of our kick off meetings on November 6th or December 4th.  This group is free and open to all, so please invite your friends or family members who can help you be successful in making healthier choices.