Have you ever tried to water ski? There’s something about learning to water ski that just has to be done in the water to get the feel for it. You can read the “manual,” and put your mind to the task: crouch while leaning back in the water as the line gets taut; knees bent as the boat begins moving and largely maintaining that position as the boat pulls you out of the water and you remain standing by keeping your feet underneath you, with the exhilarating feeling of gliding across the water (another set of skills which takes practice).

On my first attempt I obeyed the instructions, part of which was, “You’re going to go under the water a little – just hold on and you’ll come up.” When the boat sped up I was not leaning back far enough, so I flipped headlong (feet and skis now behind me) with my head underwater. I remembered my instruction, “…just hang on…,” which I did, although my head never came out of the water. So, valuing my life over success, I finally let go of the rope only to look up and see several dismayed looks at my stubbornness to hang on while being pulled under the water. It wasn’t long, though before I got it and was successfully water-skiing!

Much of Christian living is learned in the water, where lessons are fortified through the various trials and circumstances.

The biblical writer, Paul, says in Phil. 2:14 that we are to “Do all things without grumbling or disputing…” which is only possible when we aim to glorify God through trusting God to use these trials to work through us. Clinging to Jesus for our salvation is the rope that connects us to the supernatural power of God to forgive our sins and enter the personal relationship through which God will work in and through you.

Then doing everything without grumbling or disputing will take on a whole new meaning as you seek to glorify God in all things.

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