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March 2021


March 10, 2021
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 Easter Escapade Planning


We had a great first meeting, planning the details of our Family Ministry Easter Escapade on March 31st. We would love to have you be a part of it! We have lots of roles to fill, so let us know if you can help!

What is Easter Escapade Anyway?

For many kids, Easter goes hand-in-hand with chocolate farm animals and plastic eggs. It can be a real challenge to provide age-appropriate opportunities for them to engage with the story of Easter. We’ve got something that speaks more deeply to the adventure found in Jesus’ journey to the cross. Families with kids of all ages will travel from station to station and experience key events leading to the resurrection of Jesus.

Do you have a friend or neighbor that you could invite to this? Let’s be prayerful about who the Lord has placed in our lives that we can reach out to and invite to experience this Easter Journey with us.


Collection Sunday!

Please bring your filled baby bottles back to church this Sunday! Or if you would rather donate online, click on the button below. 

Equipping you to care for those facing unplanned pregnancy


Beginning Soon!

Many are facing life altering decisions without support or information. This class provides training on how we can come alongside those who are hurting and struggling through difficult decisions with care and compassion. We are partnering with Bridgehaven to offer support to men and women in our area through counsel and meeting tangible needs. Stop by the back table this Sunday and talk to Julia Kulish about it or email makinglifedisciples@oakgrove.cc

This is a great time to get plugged into a Sunday School class! This Sunday we will be starting a new adultclass called the “Ologies” of the Bible. This class will explore how we can grow in our love for the Lord by learning foundational Biblical truths that impact every area of our lives.

Coming up, kids will be learning about how blueprints are a kind of plan that helps engineers, architects, and drafters to know how a project should go. Kids find plans at school, in their lego sets, and even in their video games. But the best kind of plans are the ones that help us grow. Through the life of Jesus, kids will learn that God’s plans are perfect, love is the foundation of God’s plans, that Jesus said yes to God’s plans, and most of all that we are included in God’s plans.

Becoming More
Like Jesus

Senior Adults are currently examining several disciplines that can bring us into a closer walk with God and lead to greater obedience, intimacy, and joy in our life.