VBS Job Descriptions

July 8–12 & 14

Mon–Fri | 5:45-8:00pm

VBS Celebration Service | 10:15am Sunday followed by a Family Cook-Out Party

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things
there is no law.

And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.
If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit.

— Galatians 5:22-25

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Looking for vacation Bible school in the Shellsburg area? Bring your children to Oak Grove Church, and they will never want to leave! We’ll have a great time learning all about what it means to be a Christian and how to walk with God — through Bible stories, games, songs, crafts, and exercise in a safe and loving environment for your child … check it out!

The Gotta Move! curriculum was designed to remind children that our God is faithful and will give us
everything we need to walk with Him. He gives us His grace, His Word, His Son, His forgiveness, and the
Holy Spirit. As children learn directly from Scripture, we pray that they will be eternally impacted by
God’s truths and the gospel.

As you well know, moving is something that children understand really well! Following Jesus means
taking action. As we walk with God, He lets us know where to go through His Word and by the power
of the Holy Spirit. God gives us everything we need to walk with Him, however, we need to “keep in
step” (Galatians 5:25) and do our part. When we are faithful, God produces the fruit of the Spirit in our
lives as well. These fruits will be emphasized throughout the Gotta Move! experience.

Audio & Media
Play music as children arrive to VBS each day. Run controls at the sound booth during the opening and closing activities (this would include any skits that will be performed). In addition, the photographer may need your help putting together a quick slideshow before the closing worship time on the Sunday following VBS. Responsible for finding own assistant or “back up” help. Must come with some amount of proficiency with A/V equipment.
Childcare for Volunteers' Children
Having a nursery attendant to take care of their young children, ages 0-4, is an important way to empower other adults to help out at VBS in other ways. If you love babies/toddlers and want to spend a week hanging out with them, this job is for you! Must be at least 12 years old to be a helper and would need at least 2 adults.
Classroom Assistant
Assisting leader teacher with daily tasks, such as attendance, keeping group together, helping with lesson time, and running errands (as directed by adult leader). Some assistants may be needed to serve as a 1:1 friend to a child with special needs. Please indicate on sign-up registration if interested in this role.

Commitment: Meeting with your lead teacher/team prior to VBS so that you all know what to expect from each other & how to work together.

Clean-Up / Tear Down
For those who can’t commit to serving during the week but would have a couple of hours on Friday evening (the last day of VBS) and/or Sunday afternoon after our cookout to assist with cleaning the building. We need a crew to clean the church and help tear down any decorations, tables, chairs, etc., so we’re ready for Sunday.
Communication to Parents/Volunteers During the Week
This job requires effective communication skills, working well with others, organizational skills, and leadership skills. This person should be computer/web savvy. You get to be the liaison between the parents and volunteers, relaying the needs of one to the other. This could involve something as simple as handing out a note at the end of the evening that describes an event or contest coming up. It could also mean receiving information that needs to be passed on, such as a schedule change. If there are questions or concerns, they should feel free to come to you. If you don’t know the answer, you are the person who can find out and get back to them.
Enjoyment of crafts and assisting children is a must. Ability to demonstrate and give clear instructions a plus. Oversee and plan the supplies that will be needed. Daily preparation and cleanup. Recruit helpers. Craft will be chosen in advance and training provided.

Commitment: Meeting with your team prior to VBS so that you all know what to expect and can make any advanced preparations that may be necessary.

This job requires an extensive time commitment. Must have an outgoing personality, likes to perform in front of large groups and is not afraid to have fun! Good organizational skills, or recruiting an assistant that has this skill, is a bonus.

Commitment: Recruit a cast. Schedule and direct rehearsals. Coordinate preparation for any necessary props needed for the stage with the decorating committee. Decide on costumes, with the help of your cast. Work with audio/media team regarding sound, lights, etc.

First Impressions (Welcoming)
If you are friendly and welcoming by nature, this is the job for you! Your task is to help our guests feel the love of God by truly welcoming them into HIS house. Greet them with a smile, direct them to registration and answer any questions they may have.
This job requires someone who is easy going, likes variety and “can go with the flow.” You keep things running smoothly and help where needed. This could be in the kitchen, cleaning, assisting teachers, running errands, etc. Floaters should check in with Pastor Matt (or other designated leader) at the beginning of VBS each day, to see where they are needed.
The Food/Kitchen Team will prepare and provide a meal for all the children and helpers at VBS throughout the evening.

Commitment: Recruit volunteers to help you. Coordinate menus for each day. Make a donation sign-up sheet with a list of food and items you will need. Organize the serving of the food (assembly line). Coordinate daily prep and clean up.

Must have a lot of energy, enthusiasm and patience. Some athletic ability would also be a plus. Directing games at a designated area throughout the week of VBS. Games will be provided and explained to recreation leaders in advance.

Commitment: Recruit helpers. Go over games with your team ahead of time, so you are able to give clear instructions and keep things running in a timely manner.

Group Leader for Children
You get to hang out with kids, be their friend, leader, and champion for the week. As children move from location to location, you get to know them throughout the week. You’ll have more interaction with a particular group of kids than anyone, which brings HUGE ministry opportunity with it. You’ll laugh with them, listen to them, keep ‘em in line, and maybe even cry with them. Most of all, you get to see the “lights come on” as they encounter God’s Word and the Lord begins to grip their heart.

Commitment: You’ll need to be here each night of the week for VBS. We’ll have one or two meetings before VBS, and after each evening we’ll get together to debrief so we can try to best understand where the kids are at and how we can best serve them and their families.

We’ll also need a team leader for this group of Group Leaders.

Lead Teacher
A Lead Teacher has the important job of teaching the Bible lesson to each group of children as they rotate thru the stations. The joy of this position is that you get to bring God’s truth to the kids in your own specialized way each day.

Commitment: Meet with Pastor Matt to get your lesson packet and hear more about what VBS will look like this year. Make a list of supplies you will need. Find volunteers to help you execute the teaching time in your station if needed. Meet with your team prior to VBS so you all know what to expect from each other & how to work together.

Musical ability required, vocally and/or instrumentally. Must be comfortable leading in front of groups with enthusiasm. Music and CD provided in advance to help you effectively guide children in learning the songs.

Commitment: Learn the music and motions for the songs. Find several assistants to help you. Meet with your assistants prior to VBS, so you can go over the music together. Lead singing during any VBS assemblies.

Photography & Videography
This team of 1-2 people have the unique opportunity to see VBS from every angle. You will wander around each evening throughout the week and take random photos of the children and helpers. Once you have those pictures, you can turn them into a slide show and/or short video recap to be played during church service on the following Sunday. Must come with some amount of proficiency in photography.

Commitment: Be at VBS each evening (at least 2 team members here each evening) and during some prep meetings and clean up to capture leaders praying and preparing.

Pre-Event Planning & Organization
If you are a “planner,” like to make lists and organization is something you excel in, you need to be a part of this team! You will find ways to inform and excite the church congregation about VBS. Advertise the VBS theme throughout the community, recruit volunteers, help order decorations and other necessary items. Develop a budget if needed. Plan the VBS schedule for the week. Decide on logistics, i.e. what rooms will be used and for what.

Commitment: Attendance at scheduled VBS meetings. Several hours of time on your own, outside of the meetings, will also be required.

This job requires someone with the gift of organization and someone on the team that is able to work with computer registration system (training provided). The team will assist parents/guardians with the registration paperwork. Pre-registration will be offered, and we are hopeful most families will choose this route. During VBS, the Registration Team will make sure each child is checked in & out of our VBS safely & smoothly.

Commitment: Leading up to VBS, we’ll need your help organizing children into age groups, creating name tags, making cards to invite friends to VBS, making a master list of information for all children attending VBS, etc.

Set-Up (Day of)
For those who can’t commit to serving during the week but would have a couple of hours on Monday afternoon (the first day of VBS). Assist with setting up the stage, building props, extra tables, etc.
Volunteer Encouragement/Support & Prayer
Any VBS or a sports/fine arts camp is a fun, and yet hectic environment. People loving people means dealing with a variety of unexpected needs, emotions, problem-solving, and more. Even when working hard for the Lord and with great motives, people need to hear encouraging words … even when they don’t realize it!

You have the joy of encouraging people, genuinely thanking them for their hard work, being the hero to bring snacks/drinks around to workers simply to make them smile and know they’re loved and valuable to the Kingdom of God.

It’s especially helpful for Volunteer Encouragement/Support team members to have a good awareness of others, perceptive skills and be willing to take initiative to approach others, even if (and especially) if they seem like they’re not doing well (tired, emotionally-taxed, etc.). Praying and talking with them is a huge comfort and ministry.

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