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31 Days of Prayer


July 06, 2023
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  1. Acknowledge your dependence on the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to be working in your heart over the next 31 days, creating in you a thirst and longing for His Word.
  2. Recount the working of the Lord in your life and thank him for what He has done and will continue to do in the future.
  3. Ask the Lord to reveal sin in your life and to see it as God sees it, for the humility to confess and surrender it to the Lord and turn to live in righteousness.
  4. Thank the Lord for his mercy and grace to forgive us when we ask.
  5. Ask the Lord to gently begin to heal the wounded places in your heart where you have been hurt by the church or Christians in the past.
  6. Ask the Lord to help you loosen your grip on things/traditions that are meaningful to you, but Scripture gives freedom in.
  7. Seek the Lord in humility and ask him to move your heart to overflow in worship.
  8. Ask the Lord to set the desire of your heart on Him alone and to feel unsettled when you haven’t spent time in the Word.
  9. Ask for understanding to see where you are not bearing spiritual fruit and ask the Lord to prune you to bring forth an abundant harvest.
  10. Ask for eyes to see where the Lord is moving and working and the willingness to join Him in the work.
  11. Ask for the Lord to impress upon your heart someone who does not yet know Jesus and begin praying for them every day.
  12. Ask the Lord to open opportunities for you to plant seeds with this person.
  13. Ask the Lord to soften this person’s heart toward the Lord so that there is fertile ground for seeds of the gospel.
  14. Ask the Lord to show you where you are living in contradiction to what you say you believe and ask for courage to change it so that you can be a more effective witness for Christ.
  15. Ask the Lord where He would want you to give sacrificially for the Body of Christ, whether through giving, service, time, etc.
  16. Seek the Lord for the salvation of the person you have been praying for.
  17. Pray for wisdom and understanding for your church leadership.
  18. Pray for those who are currently serving in Students and Kids ministries. Pray for deepening passion for these ministries and for the Lord to raise up more team members to.
  19. Pray for the Lord to bring fruitful relationships through community groups and that the Lord will raise up community group leaders to meet the ever-increasing need.
  20. Pray for wisdom and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our trained biblical counselors as they meet with counselees. Also pray that the Lord will bring heart transformation to those who are coming for help and that they will find hope and healing as they apply God’s Word to their individual circumstances.
  21. Pray for the Lord to bring people to Oak Grove who desire to get involved to help build into the body to bring the church vision to fruition.
  22. Ask the Lord to provide the right people to fill the ministry area needs that Oak Grove currently has.
  23. Ask the Lord to give rest and renewal to those who are weary from faithful service.
  24. Pray for joy as you patiently endure difficulties in life.
  25. Pray that the Lord will increase your love for your brothers and sisters in Christ and your desire to encourage and build them up in the Lord.
  26. Ask the Lord to reveal any way you may have intentionally or unintentionally hurt another and ask for strength to go to that person, confess it and make it right.
  27. Ask the Lord to show you how you can build others up in Christ, and then do it.
  28. Pray that the Lord will strengthen the marriages of those in our church family and protect them from the attack of the enemy.
  29. Pray for the Lord to develop strong men who will spiritually lead their families, and who aren’t afraid to step out in servant-leadership roles in the church as well.
  30. Pray that the Lord will bring the right Worship Leader to Oak Grove who would have a heart for discipling the next generation to wholeheartedly worship God with every fiber of their being.
  31. Pray for unity in the Spirit within the body of Oak Grove and for the Spirit to do an incredible work here in the next 5 years and beyond!