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Kids Ministry


Wholehearted Disciples


Kids are a high priority in God’s Kingdom, therefore they are a high priority at Oak Grove. The model we see throughout Scripture is of parents discipling their children through modeling what a disciple is and engaging in intentional conversations that make much of God’s work in their lives. When we as parents are excited about something (our relationship with the Lord), our kids pick up on that and get excited too!

Our goal at Oak Grove is to empower and equip parents to live out the calling that God has placed on every parent: to disciple their children. We do this by coming alongside parents through targeted kids classes which engage kids at their level and reinforce the biblical truths they are already learning at home. We also bring parents into the classroom at times as a means of modeling what family worship can look like and how parents can engage with their kids in meaningful ways.

We recognize that not every child has parents who are believers and may not have that reinforcement at home. Our desire is to envelope them into the class in a way that they know they have spiritual parents here that want to champion them and fill that role for a season as they learn and grow in their walk with Jesus.


What Parents Say


Sunday Core has been a great support for our family in reinforcing what we are teaching them about Jesus at home. They look forward to the engaging teaching and connecting with other kids on Sunday mornings. We are thankful for other adults who value children and desire to build into our kids lives with an eternal impact.


 Sunday Core Class

In Matthew 19, Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me…” Our desire is to bring children to “see” Jesus who will then surrender their lives to Him and continue to grow in their knowledge of, and commitment to their Redeemer.

We want to come alongside parents in the great task of teaching and molding their children to love and follow Christ. Our Sunday Core teachers will never replace the discipleship that God has called every parent to undertake in their own home, but we want to support parents and provide a safe and loving environment for kids to be kids through hands-on learning.

Sunday Core provides an opportunity for kids to ask questions about the Bible, teaches them how to navigate and study God’s Word, and creates a community of believers who can encourage each other as they grow up in the Word. 

Kids Sunday Core Class meets every Sunday morning at 9am. We also have classes for adults and students that meet at the same time.

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