On Giving

Giving financially is an expression of worship and a normal part of our love for God.

At Oak Grove, we aim to worship God in our giving by contributing cheerfully and regularly (see 2 Corinthians 9:6–7) to the support of the ministry, the expenses of the church, the relief of the poor, and the spread of the gospel through all nations, as we strive to honor the Lord with the “firstfruits” (Proverbs 3:9) of all our labor.

What is Giving, or Tithing?

The word “tithe” literally means tenth or 10%. Tithing, or giving ten percent of your income, isn’t merely giving something to God. It’s giving back what is his to begin with as a reminder that God is the supplier of everything, and we are stewards, or managers, of all he has given us. It teaches us to put God first in everything.

We don’t want to pressure anyone into giving who does not yet understand the many expressions of God’s grace, but do want to challenge you to discover how to be faithful in all areas of worship. Be assured that any money given to Oak Grove Church is used in a way to reflect our vision to reach, teach and live out what it means to be a wholehearted follower of Jesus. Your gift you give has an eternal impact.

4 Ways to Give

Note: when you give using a credit card, Oak Grove pays 2.9% + $0.30/transaction. If you choose to give by “ACH Bank Transfer” we do not pay any fees. We’re glad for you to give any way you desire.

— OR right here —

Text any amount to



  • Give $50 or Give 50
  • $50 general fund
  • $50 weekly (You may use ‘weekly’, ‘biweekly’, ‘monthly’, and ‘yearly’)


  • Refund – refunds your previous gift if it’s within 24-hours
  • Update – receive a link to modify your giving settings
  • Unlink – unlinks your phone from the text giving system
  • Commands – receive a list of commands to help you


The first time you give by text, you’ll be given a link and asked to supply your payment method (credit card, debit card, or bank account). This payment source will then be linked with your phone number so that, in the future, all you need to do is text in the amount and do not need to reenter your payment information.

1. Download the Breeze app for Android or iOS

iOS AppAndroid App
2. Login to your account

3. From the dashboard, click “Give Now” and follow the prompts

Simply place cash or checks in one of the black, wall-mounted offering boxes near the entry/exit doors of the sanctuary.