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Family Ministry


Whole Family

Scripture shows us that parents are the primary influencers of their children’s spiritual formation. This is a wonderful reality, and one that we wholly support as foundational to how we structure our ministries.

As the local church, we get to come alongside you to help you see this wonderful biblical vision, provide direction, equip you with tools for your parenting tool belt, and give you opportunities to invest in your marriage and children by not scheduling so many activities that would send your family members in different directions. 

Rather, our activities are intended to bring you together as family while helping you learn how to invest in your child’s relationship with Christ.


What is Family Equipping 



There are 168 hours in a week.  If we are lucky, Oak Grove gets between one to three hours a week with your children. The rest of the 165-167 hours are split between you as the parent, school and the busyness of life. We know parenting can be a challenge, and we don’t want to leave you feeling stuck or lost as you try to navigate this path. We want to help!


From birth to 5th grade, we have something for every child who wants to be a part of learning about and growing to love Jesus.


Challenging 6th through 12th graders to dig deep roots in Scripture so that they are able to bring others along with them in loving Christ. 


We are all in different stages of life with different pasts. Even so, we come together to grow in our knowledge and application of Scripture.

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