Matt Magee - July 7, 2019

Rejection Reversed: God's Marvelous Display

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A Season for Giving Thanks

For many November is a relatively easy month to be thankful. For some this post-election week provides the long-anticipated reprieve from political advertising. And yet the very thing we’re glad to have some relief from is the...

Just Wash My Hands

There I was, talking to a sink. You may have found yourself in a similar situation before. Standing at a sink, hands lathered with soap, ready to be scrubbed and rinsed off with water as you stand before a sink with a motion-sensor faucet. What happens next is often a...

What Do You Think About God

There are pivotal moments in everyone’s lives when what they believe to be true about God is revealed. These moments are not always monumental in and of themselves.  In fact, they are often quite ordinary, but they become pivotal when we consider what transpires in...

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