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Resources for Christians

Educating, Edifying & Informing


One of the challenges of a technologically-advanced society is the abundance of voices that claim to be Christian and that clamor for our attention. This can make it very difficult for believers (especially newer believers) to know who to trust or where to start when it comes to things like news, music, or Bible-teaching ministries. At Oak Grove, we want to take advantage of technology—not only by using it to make the Gospel of the Lord Jesus known, but to edify, inform, and equip the people of God. To that end, we’ve put together a fairly-extensive list of resources to help point God’s people in the right direction in some of these areas.

NOTE:  The presence of a particular resource or person on this page is *not* an endorsement of everything they say, teach, or believe. That said, while there are things we disagree with in each case whether more or less, we have thought carefully about every resource included on this page, and we commend each one to you as a basically faithful and/or otherwise-trustworthy source.

Teaching & Preaching

The Bible-teaching and preaching ministries of faithful pastors and teachers, along with some other resources for listening to sermons online.